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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Around our home...

I don't know if anyone remembers how cluttered our little apartment was before...but I've been doing a lot of cleaning, organizing, throwing out, etc lately. We took out that large table and chairs since usually it's just the two of us and we end up eating dinner at the coffee table anyway. I'd like to maybe get a little dinnette eventually for the area across from the kitchen (where the desk used to be), but we'll wait and see. I think that even when we move it'll still be a good investment because it's always nice to have one of those in a kitchen even if you have a formal dining room...but honestly that's more of a want than a need right now. I'll post more photos as I make my way around the home and take the pics. I'm definitely hoping to do something with our bedroom (or lack thereof) at the moment it's a mattress on the floor (terrible mattress!) with a bunch of clutter that I don't know where else to put.
These photos also show the new pillow cases that I made recently. I really like them. I was worried that Josh might not like them because the pattern isn't very neutral (I was totally prepared to use the fabric for something else) but he actually seems to really like them. :0) I'm planning to crochet dark brown pillow cases to go with them (there is brown in the pattern) because the rose color yarn was too much we decided to go with dark brown instead...much more balanced that way. I'm still working on finishing those coasters....I'll post photos as soon as I get done. I'll also post photos of the office/craft area (former dining area) as soon as that's done. I need another shelf to store my craft supplies on. I'm almost there.
So there you have it. :)


  1. Your house looks great! And your pillows are so cute!