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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just finished applying for a gazillion different clerical positions at the hospitals in the area....will one of them work out for me....maybe?! Hope so. Seems like they always post them on the website and then hire from within?! Wouldn't it be smarter to just post them for the current hospital employees first elsewhere and then for the general public after the current employees have had their chance...this way the general public doesn't get their hopes up and then find out after all that time and effort applying that they "hired from within" once again?! Am I wrong? The joys of job hunting!


  1. I hope one of these works out for you! But I know God will lead you to just the right thing. It's been neat to follow along with you and see how he's leading you guys and providing for you and how you're putting your trust in him.

    ..And you're right. You would think they would open it up to people within the company (or whatever) before they put it out there and wasted everyone's time and energy. Hopefully these will be some real good opportunities. :)