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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Look at all the fabulousness....

These are from Potterybarn's website....I LOVE Pottery Barn! Along with Pier One and Home Goods! These are my top 3 favorite Home Decor/Furniture stores out there. I'll spare you the prices....those I don't care to look at...but I figure if you're gonna dream, you may as well dream big!!!
Hope you love these as much as I do ;0) Happy Tuesday all!


  1. yes, i most certainly love them all! i dore the orange chair. we have an orange chair but it's so not pretty. -i would call it vintage... to put it nicely. thanks for passing this fab on!

  2. adore* ... oopsies. i wasn't trying to invent a word.

  3. Haha...don't worry I'm pretty good with the typing...but when I speak...I come up with all sorts of brain and mouth never like to cooperate! ;0)