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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

summer is coming soon....bathing suit woes!

Since spring is around the corner for most of you guys....summer is quickly aproaching us here in FL...which means to get away from the soaring temperature I'll want to escape to the beach...problem....the bathing suit dilemma. Some of you might remember me posting about some of the more modest ones I liked before. For example, this one...
the only thing is that even on sale it's about $56. Which isn't really terribly expensive but still why can't you find something relatively modest at Target for $30...ya know? Truth be told I'd rather show some of my stomach than so much of the behind! Oddly enough you can always find tankinis (which usually end up being to large for me because they make them for the more busty girls....which is definitely not my problem....opposite problem in my case) but anything that might actually come in my size shows enough of my bum to be considered underwear! I don't know...when I was a teen I used to always be able to find the cute boyshort type bekinis, but they seem to have disappeared. Sheesh! I'd love to find a cute full coverage bottom....with a bandeau top or something like that...preferably $30 or less. Is that too much to ask Target???
Anyone else have these problems?


  1. You gave me a good laugh because I have the same problem, and you worded and phrased that as if I was thinking it! Years ago at Bealls, I found a two piece skirt bottom and halter type top bathing suit. I have never found anything like it since. I still have it...just need to work on fitting in it as well as I used to.

  2. Hi Nadine! Loved your post...(small busted girls have to stick together!) I've been watching old movies my whole life and so I've gathered a pretty good collection thanks to but also I have a netflix subscription and they have a ton too!

  3. Nadine,
    I know how you feel. I am seriously thinking of spending the extra money and buying one of the swimming suits from that site. I know if I get one of those and it's pretty and fits good, I'll probably be wearing it for the next zillion years, so it will definitely be worth it. ...As long as I can come up with the $50 or so to actually buy it.

  4. It's great when you find a bathing suit that fits well...I had one of those years ago and I had it for about 7 years before it started looking worn out. I haven't found anything like it since then. small busted girls do have to stick together! I'll have to look into netflix...I really like watching old movies and they're hard to find at the regular video store.
    I do like those bathing suits from the website, the thing is I do prefer the boyshorts to cover more of my bum than covering more of my tummy. We'll see. I'm still thinking about it. That's why I figured I'd start looking early because I knew it'll be a problem. I bought a Tankini from Walmart last year and it just doesn't fit well and when you get it wet it gets so heavy that the top pulls down too much....