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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Last Song...

I loved this story! I'm so glad I read the book first before the movie comes out! I highly recommend it. It's one of my favorite!


  1. Oh Nadine, I am a huge nicholas sparks fan, I've read all his books, and this last book I read in 1 or 2 days it was do well written! Did you hear there is a movie out at the end of the month?

  2. Oh I know...if I don't pace myself I'll read the whole thing the same day I get but I try really hard to read a little at a time so I have something to do when I need a break.

  3. What is this book about? I may want to read it!

  4. It's about a recent high school grad that has a very bad relationship with her father and is forced to spend the summer with him. It's a beautiful story about her mending that relationship and falling in love for the first time. It was one of my favorites so far!