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Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't get it...

Why does the smallest size of pants start at a size 2 at Target when in reality you'd have to be a 6 to fit in them? I mean if you want to call it a size 2....fine by me, but shouldn't you then also have a size 0 and a 00 maybe?! No? It is possible that there might be a couple of customers out there with out hips and slightly on the skinny side....and they too might want to buy a new pair of pants from time to time. Just sayin'....


  1. OMG...Nadine. I just went through the same thing and I'm bigger than you. I went to Express and tried on a pair of "O" jeans and they were huge! Definitely not a size "0". I wish they would stop increasing the sizes and maybe people would stop getting bigger and bigger because they still fit in the same size.

  2. I wish this were my problem- I'm like there is NO WAY this is a 6... this must be a size 2 ;)