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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday already?!

Well...hello everyone! I can't believe it's Monday again! The weekend was good. We got some stuff done that needed to be taken care of. Saturday we ended up taking a lovely walk on the beach (Josh ended up not having to work overtime...yey!). It's still a bit cold to be out there in a bathing suit and all...even in my shorts I was a little chilly. Believe it or not, there were little ones in bathing suits in the water?! I was like "brrrrr" but maybe I've been in FL too long, lol.
We also stopped by for a quick visit with Josh's mom who hadn't been feeling to great...but she's on the mend now. Yesterday we went to church...John Maxwell was teaching and he'll actually be there on Easter we found out! I'm so excited! I think he's great! He's one of the funniest pastors I've ever met and he's such a sincere Christian man. I adore him. I always get excited when I find out he's teaching. He's not our regular pastor but he works a lot with our church...
Yesterday the weather wasn't quite as great as it was supposed to anyway, expecting sunny weather I wore a sleeveless blouse to church because we had planned to go "window shopping" after (I'll explain that one more a little later)....anyway....for reasons I do not understand. The AC was on in the building?! It was sooo cold in there that Josh at 179 lbs had chillbumps and little old me...all 107 lbs of me was shivering!!! Josh kept trying to rub my arms and back to keep me warm but it just wasn't working...We'll the sweet older gentleman behind me must have thought I looked pitiful...because he took off his sweater and gave it to me to wear! I gave him a big hug afterward and he just smiled and patted Josh on the back! :0) Too cute!
Anyway, back to the window shopping. Well, we've been trying to come to an agreement of some sort on what sort of decor we'd like for our home....eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It's never really been much of an issue in the seven years we've been married because really the only things we've purchased new were the couches, TV (which it amazes me that at this point even that is considered outdated....we've really been married that long?!) and the bed....other than that everything is either hand me downs or goodwill purchases or "cheap but good enough for now" furniture/accessories. So basically what I'm saying is we've never really talked about it too much. Those of you who've been married for a while probably are more than familiar with how much (average) men ENJOY decorating! Am I right?! Well, here's the kicker....mine....he never has had much of an opinion about any of the the decor stuff except as soon as I pick something...he doesn't so much like it?! Lol...So it usually goes something like this....we need something, I try to sit him down long enough to pick something but after about 2.5 seconds he's drumming on the desk, eyes glazed over and lost in music note land (that's where musician husbands go when bored ;0) if you lose yours from time to time....look for him there). So I give up...set him free and finally pick something myself and tell him to please come see if it's ok. At this point usually it results in "I don't really like that honey, you know what I like"....I usually respond with ", because we've never sat there and seriously discussed it". ( me...I love mine, but doesn't mean I always get him ;0)...).So all this to tell you that we finally sat down and had a lengthy discussion about it all and boy oh boy we're in trouble...our taste when it comes to the home is completely different. I mean, I love a large variety of different things, don't get me wrong...however my first love in home decor is coastal cottage type stuff....stuff with a story, natural accessories etc. Well, believe it or not (and this really surprised me) Josh is actually drawn to the more modern furniture and accessories these days (Not the super modern stuff but just more or less the clean lines, dark woods, that sort of thing)! So here we are trying to blend the two together? is this going to work out?! Good thing we've started thinking about it ahead of time. Lol.


  1. Hi Nadine! I know all about chilly churches :-) Sometimes I bring a little throw with me all bunched up in my little bag just to survive the A/C! Your decorating story gave me a good chuckle! My DH can be rather opinionated as well. The system we've come down to is this: if I REALLY like something but I think he might not, I'll get it on trial (save the receipt) and live with it for a week and see if it grows on him. Often it does seeing it in the context of our home and not just in the store. Sometimes it doesn't, and back it goes! Our styles HAVE blended over the years some though, and that helps.- Of course you could always point out the impracticality of modern styles: how the couches have to be tightly stuffed to achieve those clean, tight lines, resulting in less comfort. Or that beautiful dark woods (I love them too) look dusty after 2 hours and you don't intend to become a dusting machine just to keep the house from looking dirty, etc.! Never might work :-)

  2. haha...thanks girl! See...I knew I wasn't crazy?! I keep trying to tell him to just trust me....but oh so stubborn he is!!! (well we both are...which is where the trouble starts...haha);0) Besides...I mean sure I want the place to be "elegant" but more importantly it needs to feel COZY!

  3. I loved your decorating story. During our premarital counseling sessions, Brian was told that the woman has 90% of the say and the man gets 10%, because the home is a reflection of her. It has made home decor very easy.

  4. Ack! Ok I hope and pray that my husband doesn't come out with secret opinions on decorating! That will be a dark day for me...I guess I should enjoy the "honeymoon period" where everything I pick is great!

  5. Lol yeah...I'm telling you what, he used to never care. It's the strangest thing. It just started coming out in the last few months as I'd show him things I liked. I mean I guess I can't blame him it is his home too but I really love home decor and I felt like that was my just goes to show that people do change as we grow's inevitable. You just have to go with the flow I guess.