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Thursday, March 18, 2010

look at all these pretty little things...

Like I said in the previous post I've been in a bit of a summer mood I sat down and googled summer themed home decor the other night when I couldn't sleep. I found so many pretty things!
You can probably tell that my new bedding isn't exactly my style...but I had to compromise somewhere...I ADORE cottage style but the hubby is still warming up to it. Besides, the frame itself is EXACTLY what I wanted and bedding can always be updated a few years from now. Break him in slowly is my motto. ;0) Someday he'll see how beautiful and cozy a little cottage style home could be! How could he not?! I LOVE that bedroom pic!!!! The subway tile in that bathroom is so pretty! I definitely plan to have those in my bathroom someday! That shell chandelier is so elegant but still has a very natural feel to it! Love it all!
Just in case you didn't notice...I love shells! It's amazing something so simple can be so beautiful!
Ah...I'm feeling so inspired now! Just need to find a little house first! :0)


  1. These things are pure summer! You're DID skip spring :-) I enjoy natural themed decor a lot myself (and so does DH). It's great to enjoy God's creation indoors too! Hope you're having a great Thursday...

  2. i'd almost die for that chandelier. love it!!! such pretty pretty lil things! these make me definitely crave summer.

  3. These photos are making me crave for a beach-side cottage :)

  4. beautiful! i love the beachy vibes! lovely little things!!


  5. newest follower update!!
    thanks for commenting, i love my blogging buddies!!! xoxo

  6. OH my goodness, I love all that light, beachy stuff. Our apartment is so tiny I'm afraid we couldn't do much to it -- but oh, this stuff is just gorgeous!!

  7. Pretty! This makes me want to go see the ocean again!

  8. i love the white ceramics and beachy decor... so light and summery!