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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poor zoom zoom!

Yeah well, apparently I have inherited my dear mothers magnetic abilities when it comes to attracting other vehicles! She has had countless of encounters with other vehicles...none of which have been her fault! Me too (and Josh seems to have the same magnetic abilities as well given his track record!)....only this time they actually did enough damage to likely have to replace the whole bumper! (Although let me say this...I do not understand why on earth the part of the car to be the most likely to be hit is made from plastic?! Someone please explain this to me?! The girl hit me hard enough but not THAT hard!!! It shouldn't have crumpled like paper...her car, naturally, was untouched?! What are the odds of that!).
What can you do....I mean it was bound to happen eventually, I was just thankful that neither of us was hurt and the girl was very appologetic...bless her heart, she was so embarrassed. The moment I noticed how upset she was any initial anger (mostly due to the surge of adrenaline) I felt discipated quickly...she admitted right away that it was her fault because she was distracted and was very polite. All worked out fine...we even ended up having the same insurance thank GOD...I just hope they won't give me aa hassle. I mean it's not a dyer nessecity to get it fixed...but being that I have another year left to pay it off....I'd like to get it fixed. My poor zoom zoom! :0(


  1. oh stinky! boo hoo. i totally agree with the plastic thing - seriously, who ever came up with the (lame) idea to use plastic for bumpers?! ugh. hope you get it fixed.

  2. Oh no! At least you were there when it happened and she took responsibility. And yes, I would definitely want to get it fixed... I got rear-ended once and the week that I had to drive around with my bumper bashed in a felt like people were judging me as a bad driver! :)
    Glad no one was hurt!

  3. Oh no! I'm glad you were both okay. It sounds like the other lady was really nice. I'm sorry your car got dented. I hope it's not too much trouble (and $$) to fix.

    P.S. your car is a pretty color. :)