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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pizza Pizza!!

So I was craving a white Pizza and veggies the other night....solution:

White Broccoli/Mushroom Pizza! (If may say so myself it was delightful, whether that is pregnancy talking or truth, that I can't tell you but I loved it none the less). For Josh I made a regular pizza with sausage and ham.

To make...use previous calzone dough recipe.

For White Broccoli pizza:

*roll out dough and bake until almost done
*spread ricotta over dough
* add provolone, italian cheese mix and parmesan...salt...pepper...garlic powder...and italian seasoning.
*add chopped (preferably fresh) broccoli and mushrooms
*bake until cheese is melted and crust is golden.

For Regular:

*roll out and bake dough
*spread pasta sauce or tomato sauce (I usually just use regular pasta sauce because I always have that on hand verses buing pizza sauce)
* add cheeses (same as above minus ricotta)
* add cooked italian sausage and ham pieces and mushrooms



  1. I really like white pizza...this sounds like a yummy combo for it!

  2. you are making this fellow prego crave some white pizza! : ) it looks delish. i love your comment about "pregnancy talking." -so cute!